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How To Get Ten Times The Value From Every Book You Read

What if you could read a book once as though you've read it ten times?

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Are Morning Routines Worth The Hype?

Why they might be killing your productivity and well being

Laptop & Coffee

How To Give A Mind-Blowing Compliment

He didn’t realize it, but he had given me the highest compliment I had received in years. What made it so great? He hit all three elements that you’ll learn about in this story.

Team Talk

This Classic Marketing Lesson Is Flawed

The first piece of advice a mentor gave me eight years ago changed my view of marketing forever. He explained why price does not matter in a transaction.

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How An Experience Journal Will Turbocharge Your Writing

After a year of refinement, I created the Experience Journal. I wrote about it a year ago. It had become my chief source of writing ideas. Since then, I’ve tweaked, tightened and perfected the process. It has now grown beyond an idea generation tool.

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The Five Amazing Exercises To Elevate Your Creative Powers

Creativity is a skill you can learn. It’s a muscle. The more you use it, the stronger it gets. We don’t always get a chance to do creative things in our everyday life. But that doesn’t mean we cannot exercise our creative muscle.

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Writing Is The Greatest Untapped Learning Opportunity

I’m obsessed with learning new things. Who isn’t these days? There’s no shortage of learning opportunities in our interconnected society. I make considerable investments in books, courses and conferences.

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The Silent Productivity Killer Nobody Talks About

The solution is not a hack, but it is something you can control.

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